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Film Awards

Creation International Film Festival, 2018 Winner Best Documentary Feature
Cinema WorldFest Awards, 2018 Best In Show
Cinema WorldFest Awards, 2018 Award of Excellence, Documentary Feature
London Film Awards, 2017 Winner Gold Lion Award
Winner of Best Documentary Editing, 2017 Global Cinema Film Festival of Boston
Winner of Best Documentary, 2016 Hoboken International Film Festival
Winner Award of Excellence, 2016 International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration & Equality
Winner of Best Documentary, 2016 Brightside Tavern Film Festival
Winner of Outstanding Achievement, Accolade Global Film Competition 2015 Humanitarian
Winner of Outstanding Achievement, 2015 Global Film Awards Humanitarian Award
Six Awards of Excellence, 2015 Accolade Global Film Competition in the categories of:
Documentary Program / Social Change / Religion / Ethics / Health / Medicine
Two Awards of Excellence, 2015 IndieFEST Global Film Award in the categories of
Liberation / Social Justice

Film Synopsis

IT’S HAPPENED BEFORE: Governments killing their own citizens for their political or spiritual beliefs. But it’s never happened like this.

It’s happened so often that the world doesn’t always pay attention. But is economic influence the reason, that this time, it’s going largely unreported? It’s hard to believe that doctors would carve up innocent people so their organs could be sold. It’s even harder to believe that major media are not investigating. Yet it happened tens of thousands of times, and may be happening still.

Hard To Believe is a documentary that examines the issue of forced live organ harvesting from Chinese prisoners of conscience, and the response—or lack of it—around the world. Produced by Swoop Films, two-time Emmy Award-winning director/producer, Ken Stone, Irene Silber, Kay Rubacek and Swoop Films. 

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