Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions At Screenings

Here are some specific questions related to the film that people sometimes ask:

Q: What can I do to help?

  • Tell your friends! Join our email list, follow us on Facebook, share the trailer!

  • Help get more screenings of this film. Introduce us to your local hospital, church, college or other venue.

  • Get involved. Join the End Organ Pillaging network.

Q: What has happened since the release of the film?

Q: Did you film in China? or How did you get the China footage?
A: It was too dangerous for us to film in China as the communist party still won’t allow access to media to cover the story. We used archive footage from China from various sources. We also had assistance for some China footage from an independent Chinese television network, New Tang Dynasty Television.

Q: Who was the director?
A: Ken Stone was the director, and also a producer of the film. He is a two-time Emmy Award winner from Minnesota with more than 20 years experience in American newsrooms.

Any other questions you aren’t sure how to answer… Tell them you will ask the producers and get back to them. Ask for their email address. Send us the question and we'll get back to you ASAP.


Other FAQs

Q: How should I represent myself when I introduce people to the film or organize a screening?
A: You should be yourself! You cannot represent the filmmakers, but you can introduce yourself as a local person who cares about this issue or is involved in exposing human rights abuses, or that you practice Falun Gong (if that is the case) - whatever is most natural for you. 

If you wish to take a more proactive role in representing the film in your area, contact us and we can consider you to be a local representative for "Hard To Believe".

See the Materials Page for more promotional materials.