Television Broadcasts

“Hard To Believe” is a good length and style for TV broadcast on current affairs, news, documentary, or education programs or channels. It has been broadcast more than 45 times on America’s PBS television channels. 

If there is a television station in your area that you think should broadcast “Hard To Believe” you can introduce the film to them but, remember:

  • You can go as an individual or representative of your own organization and recommend the film as a local viewer, but you CANNOT represent the film, the filmmakers, or Swoop Films in anyway without explicit permission from Swoop Films.
  • You can use the “Hard To Believe” Press Kit to tell them about the film

We have some sales agents working on contacting television stations so we have to keep good communication with them. Having local viewers request the film directly to TV networks can help with getting “Hard To Believe” broadcast to more people in your area.

If the television station is interested, you can introduce them to the filmmakers by contacting us.


See the Materials Page for more promotional materials.