New Documentary "Hard To Believe" Probes Transplant Crimes Before World Transplant Congress In Hong Kong

New York, USA (PRUnderground) July 21st, 2015

A serious documentary investigation into the recent mass murder of prisoners of conscience through organ transplantation in China will be released in the U.S. late 2015—less than one year before the World Transplant Congressis to be held in Hong Kong, China next August.

“The timing is significant,” says Ethan Gutmann, author of The Slaughter and a key protagonist in the documentary. “The international transplant community needs to stick to their principles and hold China’s government accountable for its continuous breach of transplant ethics.”

Leading U.S. ethicist and Founding Director of the Division of Medical Ethics at NYU, Arthur Caplan, PhD., says the film, Hard To Believe, is “an important, timely, and deeply disturbing account of one of the great human rights abuses of our time.”

Hard To Believe is a 56-minute documentary film that explores the silence of the mass media, the political community, and the medical community surrounding the crime of forced live organ harvesting in China. Investigators estimate that up to 10,000 prisoners of conscience were killed annually for the sale of their organs after 2001, when China’s prison population exploded after the Chinese Communist Party began persecuting any citizen practicing the Falun Gong spiritual discipline.

“I was pretty skeptical when I was first approached to do a documentary about it,” says director, Ken Stone. “After researching I realized I had stumbled on a gruesome murder mystery. The mystery I wanted to unravel is why so little attention has been paid to the people trying to make the case.”

China’s government still refuses to fully disclose the sources of their human organs for transplantation, yet continue to participate as members of the international medical community, with Chinese doctors participating in overseas training and purchasing pharmaceuticals from Western corporations.



Hard to Believe, a documentary film, is a serious investigation into one of the most horrifying medical crimes of our time, that questions: “Why is it that so few people seem to be paying attention?”
The mass murder of prisoners of conscience in China, for the sale of their organs to foreign patients—comes to life through personal stories, including an author’s 7-year investigation, a doctor’s confession, and an examination of the facts. The mystery remains: why is the crime yet to be stopped.