“Hard to Believe,” But All Too Real: New Documentary Exposes Crime of Executing Political Prisoners


"Hard To Believe", an award-­winning documentary produced by Swoop Films and Stone Soup Productions will be released today on DVD; and digitally for one week only. The hour­-long film exposes the widespread Chinese government practice of executing political prisoners and selling their organs to “transplant tourists.”

“Hard to Believe” is currently being broadcast on PBS stations, and is playing in film festivals. The DVD and digital release coincide with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s address to the United Nations, and the World Heart Day on September 29.

“Hard to Believe” is a serious investigation into one of the most horrifying human rights abuses of our time. The  murder of prisoners of conscience in China and the sale of their organs to foreign patients, comes to life through personal stories, including an author’s 7­-year investigation and a surgeon’s confession.

“The question of why the international community allows this crime to continue is particularly timely with the Chinese President’s recent visit to the U.S.,” said Swoop Films executive Kay Rubacek.

Investigators estimate that up to 10,000 prisoners of conscience have been killed annually for the sale of their organs after 2001, when China’s prison population exploded after the Chinese Communist Party began persecuting any citizen practicing the Falun Gong spiritual discipline.

Leading U.S. ethicist and Founding Director of the Division of Medical Ethics at NYU, Arthur Caplan, PhD. says the film, Hard To Believe, is “an important, timely, and deeply disturbing account of one of  the great human rights abuses of our time.”

DVDs are now available for purchase from $20.00 via the documentary’ website. ”Hard To Believe” is available for digital streaming for $9.99 for one week only (Sept. 28 -­ Oct. 5) from www.hardtobelievemovie.com.