How Can We Help This University?


This week we faced an unexpected situation. The representative of a bioethics department of a U.S. university had previously been excited to be able to provideHard To Believe to their students and faculty, because of its specific relevance to medical ethics and bioethics. However, a week later, that excitement turned into something else altogether.

The representative said that they have so many Chinese doctors involved in the university that they are afraid to screen the film.

This kind of situation is precisely one of the reasons why Hard To Believe was produced. Many universities throughout the world are unknowingly complicit in the crimes of organ harvesting by training and facilitating collaboration with Chinese doctors, who knowingly use organs from executed prisoners, which is against international medical standards.

The worst part is that most of those executed prisoners are not criminal prisoners, but innocent prisoners of conscience, killed on demand for their organs.

However, we believe that by presenting the evidence and allowing audiences to come to their own conclusions, open and thought-provoking discussion and debate can be had by all.

What encouragement can you offer to this university to allow the evidence be presented to their staff, students, and Chinese doctors?