Good News: Australian Government Passes Motion Against Organ Transplant Abuse in Foreign Countries

The following motion to stop the organ harvesting raised by Greens Senator Janet Rice and co-sponsored by Liberal Senator Eric Abetz was passed in the Senate this afternoon. Senator Janet Rice also spoke about forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in China later at 5.15pm this afternoon as part of the debate on legislation that is being considered tomorrow, on establishing a board for the organ and tissue authority.

The Senate agreed:

“a. deeply concerning reports of unethical organ procurement procedures in foreign countries, including forced organ procurement from executed prisoners and prisoners of conscience in state-led processes;

b. that a number of countries including Israel, Spain and Taiwan have banned organ tourism, and the United States and the European Union have passed strong resolutions against it;

c. that limited data is available on Australians receiving organ transplants overseas.

2. Invites the Australian Government to consider:

a. making it an offense to travel overseas to receive an organ acquired from a non-consensual donor;

b. establishing a register of Australians traveling overseas to receive organ transplants, including details on the country in which they receive them.”

— Senator Janet Rice