Packed Premiere Screening at Taipei City Hall, Taiwan


"Hard To Believe" premiered this month at the Taipei City Council Hall, with a full house event, including a very lively panel discussion after the film screening. Some attendees said:

"Hard To Believe"

"Hard To Believe"

"The fact that is “Hard to Believe” is that we'd never thought there will be such a cruel thing. I think such a genuine and stunning film should be seen by more people.”  

 Kevin H.J. Lee, Taiwan well-known documentary director

"This has gone far beyond the human rights issue, which is already a problem of humanity.”

Rep. Huang Kuo-chang, Taiwan legislator

"The film incontestably exposed the CCP's persecution of prisoners of conscience which should be publicized and should be prosecuted."

Rep. Chang Liao Wan-jian, Taiwan legislator

Over 400 people attended the screening

Over 400 people attended the screening

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