Jerusalem Times: Secrets and Pain Behind the Great Wall of China

On Tuesday June 7, Hard To Believe was screened at the Jerusalem Cinematheque, on the occasion of the "Zhen Shan Ren Art Exhibition" opening. The event was covered by Jerusalem Times.

Below is part of the report translated from Hebrew. 


"The film tells about one of the horrific crimes today -- mass murder of prisoners of conscience in China, sponsored by the government, in order to sell their organs -- and the silence of the world facing a new form of evil that exists in China. The film is based on a seven-year investigation of the author Ethan Gutmann, which presents a chilling confession of a surgeon who caused the death of an inmate after harvesting his organs and tells the story of trying to draw the attention of the world. 

The film also presents the testimony of Prof. Jacob Lavee (President of Israel Society of Transplantation). Our man tells: 'It shocked me when a patient told me that he will receive a heart transplant in China in two weeks. I was wondering how (they) ensured advance notice.' After heart transplantation he returned to the patient. According to Lavee, as a Holocaust survivor he cannot stand aside but began to investigate. He discovered the horrific industry of organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in China. Since then he does not rest. He struggled and managed to change the law in the country to prevent Israelis from being partners in the crime of organ harvesting, which has already led to the deaths of tens of thousands of Chinese people." 

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