ABC News: Does China kill prisoners to order for the trade in organ transplants?

ABC News interviewed Ethan Gutmann, author of "The Slaughter: mass killings, organ harvesting, and China's secret solution to its dissident problem."  The interview appeared on ABC National Radio, Australia. 

The following is a short excerpt of the Ethan Gutmann's interview.

"ETHAN GUTMANN: ...We also have the now mayor of Taipei, Doctor Ko Wen-je, who went to China to look for organs, to suss out the situation, the organ situation for his clinic.

And he wanted to talk to the doctors about prices among other things at this hospital, he wanted to see if he could get the Chinese price, not the foreigner price for organs. And they got to know him a bit, they liked him, and they said okay look we know you're, we're gonna give you the Chinese price and they said we also know you're pretty concerned about these organs coming from prisoners, because you know they're a lot of drug addicts and these people live hard lives.

We want to assure you all these organs are coming from Falun Gong. These people, they don't drink, they don't smoke, they're very health really. So..."

The full report can be found on the ABC Radio website here.