Audience Feedback to Melbourne Film Premiere


Audience members at the Melbourne Premiere screening of "Hard To Believe" spoke about their reactions after watching the film:


"The film is really shocking. Such an awful atrocity makes you feel speechless."

"Knowing that such a practice is pretty common in China, and so many people have become victims of this systematic crime, I feel very sad. This should be turned into an international issue to get people's attention...This is equal to genocide in modern society. People simply can't ignore it."

- Kim Murray, UK clinical psychologist


"I think we should stop requests of organ transplant tourism. We need to let those people know that we know what you are doing. We must let doctors know, and let the public know...We need to let China know that we are aware of this unethical and barbaric practice that's happening in China."

- Ivan Krisjansen, sociologist


"What I first thought was why I didn't react to organ harvesting before? To investigate this shouldn't be Falun Gong practitioners' responsibilities. They themselves are all victims. People should stand up to protect them."

- Colin Butler, human rights activist

"I'll send the links of organ harvesting reports to my family and friends, and help the people around me pay attention to this issue."

- Andrea Tapia, student

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