Ethan Gutmann Tours with Hard To Believe in Australia & New Zealand

A national Australian and New Zealand screening tour of Hard To Believe was organized by a supporter in Sydney, who, along with a small team of volunteers, invited Ethan Gutmann to tour with the film and to take media interviews about the film, his book “The Slaughter”, and the latest report on forced organ harvesting in China

The tour gained national coverage on major TV programs, like Channel 10’s the project, ABC’s Lateline and SBS’s The Feed, as well as newspaper and radio interviews, reaching millions of people. 

The series of events, each with expert panelists and active Q&A sessions, generated a lot of interest from healthcare, legal and ethics professionals who are invited to join a new global initiative to help stop organ harvesting. Many are now booking screenings of Hard To Believe at their university, hospital or community center to help educate others.

To join other professional in a global initiative to stop transplant abuse in China, visit the International Coalition to End Organ Pillaging website.

Read more audience comments here.

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