Film Festivals

Contact the Festival

Check the film festival website carefully first. Find the requirements for entry and make sure the film meets it. Some have very specific requirements. 

If the film meets the requirements, contact the organizer, tell them about “Hard To Believe” and why it's important for people to watch it, and ask them if they think this film might be good for their festival and if they think it should be submitted. If they know that local people want the film in the festival they are more likely to consider it. 

If they say that they don't want serious topics or already have enough documentaries, or don't want films that have already been screened on PBS television (check this list if it's screened in your area already) or elsewhere, then we don't need to submit.

Applying for the Festival

If they say it is good to submit, then you can apply or send us the application details. We will mail them the films for screening if they require etc so you don't have to do that, but we hope you can help to cover the application fee as we don't have any budget for festival applications.

We already have accounts with Withoutabox and Film Freeway, so please don't create a new one!

Panel Discussions and Q&A Sessions

The director and/or producers are willing to attend the festivals, usually the festivals cover travel or accommodation. If not, the producers will still consider attending, or if it's a smaller festival, a local practitioner can answer questions about the issue at the end of the film. We can help prepare them for that.

See the Materials Page for more promotional materials.