University and College Screenings

Contact professors at your local university to introduce them to "Hard To Believe" using the sample email below. Invite them to screen the film or use it in their classroom. 

If they would like to preview the film, contact us and provide your name, email, and the name of the university and professor(s) and we will arrange an exclusive one-time viewing link for them.


Dear Professor...,

I would like to introduce you to a new educational resource which I hope you can use for your program and make available to your students.

It is a 56-minute educational documentary called "Hard To Believe", on the issue of transplant abuse in China by Emmy Award-winning director, Ken Stone.

The Journal of Bioethical Inquiry wrote in a review: "This documentary is extremely important for those involved in organ donation and transplantation, human rights, healthcare, ethics, and the law.”

Eminent medical ethicist Dr. Arthur Caplan, PhD. says the film is: "an important, timely and deeply disturbing account of one of the great human rights abuses of our time.” Video Librarian Magazine said: "Also including a study guide, this illuminating, often deeply unsettling PBS-aired documentary is highly recommended.”

Educational license are available for the film online here: If you require a preview of the film before getting a license, I can contact the filmmakers to request that for you. 

Would you be interested in having a screening of the film at your university? As a local supporter of human rights, I have been following this issue for some time and would be happy to assist in organizing a screening or providing any further information. 

I hope you find this information useful and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


Key Points to Remember:

  • This is an objective, educational film on an important public health issue.

  • There is no torture, blood, or scary scenes in the film. It is suitable for all ages.

  • It is especially important for medical professionals and students to be aware of this issue.

  • The film has been highly recommended by medical and ethical professionals and educators.

  • The film has won more than 15 awards at film festivals.

Useful Materials:

Study Guide - whenever possible, take a copy of the printed study guide with you so that people can immediately see images and the content of the film without having to watch it.

Trailer - have this on your phone, iPad or other device ready to show them an example of the quality and content of the film. 

Film Preview (contact us to request this)

Press Kit - you can print this to show the latest awards and reviews about the film with a short summary.

See the Materials Page for more promotional materials.