General Public

We often get asked by people who learn about Hard To Believe and organ harvesting "how can I tell more people about this?". So, below is a sample email you can provide to them to personalize and send to their contacts or email list.

Sample Email to Colleagues

Hi There,

I'd like to let you know about a new documentary film that introduces a very shocking issue going on in China that affects us here in America - the killing of thousands of prisoners of conscience for the sale of their organs. The film is called "Hard To Believe" and investigates why so few people have been paying attention to such a serious crime that has been going on for over a decade.

You may know someone who needs an organ transplant or who has had an organ transplant, or someone who works in healthcare, law or ethics. This film has information that is valuable to them but also for anyone who cares about our world and humanity. "Hard to Believe" has been screening on PBS TV stations and is being used in American universities. You can watch it on iTunes (sorry, USA/Canada only so far) or from the film's website:

It has been highly recommended by many media. You can read some of the reviews here: and watch the trailer for the film here: