A screening is an excellent opportunity to inform influential members of society, such as doctors, lawyers, ethicists, academics, politicians about organ harvesting and engage their help to raise further awareness.

Here are some tips on how to do it:

Who to Invite:

  • Invite lawyers, ethicists, academics (including China studies, human rights, international studies, politics, media studies, Jewish studies), medical professionals (including nurses, doctors, bioethicists, and those involved in transplantation) as well as general public
  • Invite medical organizations and other non-government organizations that are related to ethics, medicine, human rights, law, etc.
  • Research invitees thoroughly to find their contact details and make sure their interests are relevant to the topic.

How to Invite:

  • Start inviting people at least four weeks before the event (six weeks is better)
  • Invite them via individual email instead of bulk emails. It takes longer but the response is always higher and more appreciated.
  • A follow up phone call to VIPs a few days after sending the email is very useful.

Preparing the Invitation (see below for sample invitation):

  • Choose a quality venue that VIPs are likely to attend and include the name of the venue in the subject line of the invitation email.
  • Include the name and logo of any partner or supporting organizations on your invitation. Invite one of their representatives to say a few words at the beginning of the evening and to display their banner and/or other materials. 
  • Include a Q&A discussion after the screening. Be sure to add the bios of panelists in the invitation.
  • Have an important speaker participate via Skype if suitable.

At the Event:

  • Set up a table near the entry of the event with materials such as film DVDs, books and flyers on organ harvesting, petitions and information on how to join the End Organ Pillaging Global Network.
  • Provide light refreshments after the screening, if suitable, to encourage more discussion towards the end of the event.
  • A week after the event, invite prominent people who attended to participate in a ‘roundtable’ discussion on organ harvesting hosted by a supportive local politician or other influential person. For more information on how to do this, get in touch with the End Organ Pillaging Global Network who have hosted numerous successful screenings.

Sample Invitation Design:


Email Text Sample:

SUBJECT LINE: Invitation - Documentary/Q&A at Parliament House and Event Cinemas

Dear [NAME],

We would like to invite you to the Australian Premiere of the award winning documentary HARD TO BELIEVE at the Events Cinema and NSW Parliament House - 3rd & 4th August. The event is supported by the Australian Lawyers for Human Rights and the Australian Council for Human Rights Education.

This is a particularly important event for lawyers as the issue examined is forced organ harvesting of prisoners of conscience in China, a topic that has recently gained media attention due to a ground breaking new report that was released last week. As you may be aware it is not only those with spiritual beliefs who are persecuted, a large number of lawyers are also imprisoned without a fair trial in the absence of the Rule Of Law.

We hope you will be interested to attend and are most welcome to extend the invitation to your colleagues.

Warm regards

Booking Assistant
Hard To Believe Documentary - Australian Premiere

See the Materials Page for more promotional materials.